Personality Assessment Instructions

Please follow these instructions carefully to complete the test successfully and submit a valid submission.

You will see 24 groups of words to describe work style. Within each group choose the word grouping that are most like you and least like you.

WAIT a moment for the personality test to load. 

1. The options you will be given are:

Most – Something that most describes your work style

Least – Something that least describes your work style

2. You will see 4 sets of words, please choose:

1 Most

1 Least

3. Below is an example of what each screen should look like, if not in this format your test may end up not being valid:

4. Answer the questions utilizing your gut feeling as if you were at work.  Do not try to give answers that you think we want or ponder the questions for too long.

5. On the following screen please allow time for the test to load (up to 30sec).

Please wait up to 30sec for the test to load.