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Looking for jobs in Guam? Do you have swagger with something to prove? Are you an independent-minded winner? Does an above-average income appeal to you? Do you cherish your autonomy and enjoy working independently, but while also being part of a team? 

If this appeals to you, then it’s time to apply with MAS! 


Located on Joint Region Marianas Naval Base and Anderson Air Force Base, Military AutoSource is hiring a forward-thinking and reliable professional seeking an automotive sales job in Guam, with the potential hire to show ample desire and motivation to earn an excellent income. If you are bold, enthusiastic, and passionate, we offer career-growth opportunities in an awesome workplace. 

At MAS you will be more than a salesperson, we want to help you develop your skills, so no matter if you’re a military spouse, veteran, or anyone else looking for jobs available in Guam, you’ve found the right place.

We seek a results-driven salesperson who can work independently selling automobiles and motorcycles along with value-added services (Vehicle Protection & Warranty Packages). You are fully knowledgeable about the features and benefits of each vehicle listed for sale by MAS Guam and have the ability to communicate this to potential buyers digitally and in-person. You will have the capability of becoming a “Market Maven” by your above-average social media skills. Through your online presence, you’ll find new prospects and become noted as a value adder to the community.

You are well-informed about today’s motor vehicle industry and are passionate about sales with the ability to identify customer needs, recognize buying signals, and close deals in a non-aggressive manner.

US Veterans Welcome

happy african car salesman showing car engine to customers

You will have a high school diploma or equivalent. Experience selling motor vehicles can be a distinct advantage, but is not required. The successful candidate will also have a professional appearance, be outgoing, and possess a positive attitude along with excellent communication and personal skills. A valid driver’s license is also required for an automotive sales job in Guam since you’ll need to know what you’re talking about.

Jobs in Guam for Military Spouses

Take potential buyers on test drives and demonstrate features to build a rapport to increase the possibility of closing a sale. Maintain a client database and communicate with them. Assist customers with completing necessary paperwork to proceed with a sale. Record sales and inventory on our Sales Track 15 (ST15) and CRM. Collaborate with other MAS Guam team members to achieve sales targets. Assist with show vehicles and promotions. If you have any further questions about an automotive sales job in Guam, please see our FAQ page.

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