With Military AutoSource, you will learn and earn,
and what you earn depends on just your attitude and work ethic.

Seamless Transition.

You’ll feel right at home in an American environment, while at the same time you have access to all the fascinating things that your host country has to offer. Hear from real employees why so many people are turning to Military Auto Source.


Enjoy the benefits of working on a military base with
access to base shopping and commissary privileges.

High Earning Potential

Drive a Tax-Free Imported Car

PX/BX (Base Store) Privileges

Access to Gas Stations on Base at US prices

Stimulating Work Environment

Base Hospital Privileges

Growth Potential

We promote from within.

Cigna Health Insurance

Available for a modest monthly payment.

Stable Visa

Status of Forces Visa is ironclad (US Citizens).

High Income

We’ll teach you the skills you need to be successful, it will be up to you to deploy them. If you are competitive, and yearning to earn what you are worth, and enjoy working outdoors with considerable autonomy, then this might be the opportunity for you!