Jobs in Okinawa

jobs in okinawa
Tokashiki Island, Okinawa, Japan

Looking for jobs in Okinawa, which is one of the world’s best kept secrets? This beautiful subtropical island offers a high quality of life for expatriates. Just take a peek at what former residents say about it in the “Yeah, I lived in Okinawa” Facebook Group. The temperate climate and sunshine provide for an abundance of outdoor activities and water sports.

Jobs in Okinawa for Veterans

The people of Okinawa are friendly to Americans and other foreigners. US military installations occupy roughly 20% of Okinawa’s land, so out of all the places you could travel to or live in Japan, these islands are probably the easiest place to live comfortably. Commutes are short so you can arrive at work fresh, and the weather is nearly always perfect, so no more snow days.

jobs in Okinawa for veterans

Sure, traffic can be heavy from time to time, and some people get island fever occasionally, but the good news is that Okinawa is close to many other exciting places to visit throughout Asia. Tremors and typhoons can be a nuisance sometimes, but that is a small price to pay for living in one of the world’s nicest places.

Jobs in Okinawa for Military Spouses

Okinawa sales job

MAS Okinawa offers the ideal position for highly motivated salespersons. If that sounds good, start the process today.