Jobs in Okinawa Japan

Jobs in Okinawa Japan

Looking for jobs in Okinawa? One of the world’s best-kept secrets, this beautiful subtropical island offers a high quality of life for expatriates. Just take a peek at what former residents say about it in the “Yeah, I lived in Okinawa” Facebook Group. The temperate climate and sunshine provide for an abundance of outdoor activities and water sports, such as surfing, para-sailing, deep-sea fishing, tubing, paddle boarding, flyboarding, and kayaking.

If you join the fun team at Military AutoSource (MAS) with sales jobs in Okinawa, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing lifestyle where you can take in the pleasures of island living. Highlights of this Japanese paradise include Futenma Shrine and Shuri Castle, the gleaming white sand and crystal-clear waters of Manza, Emerald, and Kouri beaches along with numerous world-class scuba diving locations. And don’t forget all of the amazing fresh seafood choices available year-round. Food is a big reason that so many people live past 100 years of age on this island, so be sure to enjoy the local cuisine, including the famous Goya Champuru dish.

Jobs in Okinawa for English Speakers

The people of Okinawa are friendly to Americans and other foreigners, with expats known to retire locally after finishing their careers. US military installations occupy roughly 20% of Okinawa’s land, so out of all the places you could travel to or live in Japan, these islands are probably the easiest place to live comfortably. Commutes are short so you can arrive at work fresh, and the weather is nearly always perfect, so no more snow days.

Winter of Uruma sea road

Okinawa Jobs on Base

Living in or want to move to Okinawa, but don’t speak Japanese well? MAS has jobs in Okinawa for English speakers, so don’t hesitate to apply with us today. Sure, traffic can be heavy from time to time, and some people get island fever occasionally, but the good news is that Okinawa is close to many other exciting places to visit throughout Asia and a quick flight to Japan’s major destinations. Tremors and typhoons can be a nuisance sometimes, but that is a small price to pay for living in one of the world’s nicest places.
This beautiful island is also extremely safe, with crime levels classified as “very low”, so along with dream jobs in Okinawa comes peace of mind in a great location to raise a family or to just live comfortably. But don’t take our word for, watch this video of a successful MAS automotive salesperson living that dream.

Jobs in Okinawa on Base

Sales Jobs in Okinawa

Are you accompanying a US military member on their assignment to Japan? MAS Okinawa offers an ideal automotive sales position for the highly motivated spouses of military personnel stationed on the island of Okinawa. Working for us will give you the chance to bolster your income in a fast-paced, high energy environment where your hard work is aptly rewarded.
We do not discriminate based on age, sex, ethnicity, or for any other reason, we just want a highly motivated person to join our automotive sales force. If that sounds good to you, start the process right now!

SOFA Jobs in Okinawa

Job Description- As a Sales Representative, you will be representing Chrysler – Jeep (Stellantis), Ford, and Harley Davidson on U.S. Military Bases in the Far East.  Positions are available in Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and Guam. If you qualify the job requirements- character traits are:

  • Energetic personality
  • Exceptional social media and digital skills 
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision, make things happen rather than letting things happen
  • A desire to actively prospect outside away from place of business
  • Good closing ability
  • Ability to work long hours including weekends and holidays.
  • Be both competitive and a team player 
  • Superior follow up skills
  • Adaptable to living in a foreign country

Typical Day – Implement and execute your plan. Organize your data, contact prospects for appointments and sold customers for maintenance, review your business with sales manager. Prospect physically and digitally. 

Give customer presentations. Handle sold customer issues. Prospect physically and digitally. 20-30% of day is prospecting for new customers. Plan next day. 

The job requirements differ from a stateside car dealership where you might find yourself perform a narrowly defined task.  Stateside dealerships often have separate staff to meet and greet, present, close, and make the delivery and have a separate F&I department. As a sales representative overseas, you get to perform all these tasks and more. 

Business Model- Our business model has been refined over 50 years and has a proven track record of success.  Emphasis is placed on active prospecting and promotions to generate leads.  Most customers are sold special ordered vehicles at pre-negotiated low prices several months to a year before delivery.  They are sold one by one.

Visa Requirements As an American citizen, you will fall under the Status of Forces Agreement between the United States and the host country. Non-U.S. citizens must provide their own visa, a spouse visa for instance and must be on the approved country list for a military base pass. 

Education- Local schools are available but expensive.  Sale Representative is responsible for paying schooling or send their children to Japanese school.

Insurance- Health Insurance is available through the company at a minimal cost. 

Income- Commission only with an unlimited income potential.  Our top sales agents have incomes more than $100,000, which is federally tax exempt unless you have a Japanese visa and then you must pay Japanese taxes. Training Pay is $1750 for the first 3 months, 

Housing- Salespersons are responsible for housing expenses.  Average expense is around $700- $1000 per month for a comfortable apartment. 
Professional Development- We have a world class sales training program.  We promote from within.

jobs in okinawa for english speakers
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